We are hiring : OPERATIONS MANAGER for Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, based in Belgrade

Are you looking for a new challenge and a different job in which you can demonstrate your competence?

Imagine yourself as a person who is engaged in the overall development and positioning of an international brand in the field of human resources, leading business operations and participating in strategic decisions. How about being chosen for such a position?


is a methodology that provides a clear insight into the competencies, capabilities, and potentials of each employee. With Inspire‘s assistance everyone can know what it is that really motivates a person and what type and mode of work suits the person best.
Using the Inspire methodology reveals a person’s typical behaviour and reactions in business situations and work environment. We are looking for a person for the position of


for Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, based in Belgrade

As a dynamic, communicative person you easily communicate and make contacts. You work with clear objectives that you have created by yourself to a certain extent.

You are resourceful enough and happy to find various ways and options in order to achieve the set goals. You like changes and operations that are not repetitive. Cooperation with people and meeting a large number of new, different people is a challenge that you are looking forward to.

You understand the challenges of a market launch and the introduction of a new brand to a global market, and therefore you prefer to think about new things and to imagine how you would accomplish them.

As Operations Manager you will first define development tactics and then implement your planned, operative approach, and regularly report on your performances.

You know how to listen and how to perceive work both from your and your associates’ point of view, as well as from the standpoint of a neutral opinion.

You will receive regular evaluation and “feedback” on your work by your line manager.

You are expected to be proactive and to participate in the preparation and creation of clear and specific plans, to manage executive processes, customer orientation, flexibility, understanding and meeting customer needs.

Job description:

  • participation in the preparation of operational plans,
  • finding and acquiring new customers,
  • planning and coordinating operations with the existing customers,
  • market research, identifying potential markets and monitoring market flows and trends,
  • organising Inspire presentations on social networks,
  • organising promotional activities for Inspire popularisation,
  • organising conferences and gatherings,
  • participation in the preparation of promotional materials,
  • building “back-office” customer support,
  • taking care of administrative tasks,
  • presenting methodologies and participating in making presentations,
  • compliance with sales and marketing plans and policies and other strategic company orientations,
  • good knowledge of the products from the sales range,
  • participation in team meetings in order to share information, analyse the achieved results and make plans,
  • regular activities with the customer base and reporting on the activities,
  • regular reports to management on the performed activities and the most significant problems at work.

Professional knowledge and experience:

  • minimum 5 years of work experience,
  • work in a team, in executive positions or as a manager,
  • English language skills at the level of independent oral and written communication,
  • good knowledge of the functioning and use of social networks,
  • excellent knowledge and work in Excel, Word, and Power Point at the level of independent use.

Additional requirements:

  • excellent knowledge of English,
  • excellent knowledge of presentation, communication, and negotiation skills,
  • good organisation of work,
  • ability to work independently with minimal control,
  • willingness to work directly with customers, and regular visits to customers,
  • orientation to results, persistence, forcefulness, dynamism,
  • ability to regularly report on work,
  • possessing a high level of personal motivation to achieve the set goals,
  • expediency and speed of response to customer needs,
  • category B driving licence.

We will particularly evaluate:

  • knowledge of human resources,
  • excellent knowledge of the Serbian and Croatian language,
  • knowledge of another foreign language at the level of independent writing and speech,
  • experience in promotional activities,
  • proficiency in using and making sales presentations at the level of independence,
  • experience in market research,
  • contacts in companies in the field of management and human resources,
  • attendance of education, training, and seminars in the field of marketing, management, and sales.

Characteristics of the candidate:

  • good organisation and a proactive approach to the preparation for work,
  • willingness and taking responsibility for the candidate’s area of work,
  • ambition, energy and tidiness
  • readiness for a diverse approach and finding different options for solutions,
  • delegating and undertaking specific tasks, precise and clear communication,
  • flexible approach to communication and consideration of tasks,
  • orientation towards the execution of tasks within the set deadlines,
  • perceiving the causal link between the work and the results,
  • skills in delivering and receiving reports and feedback during operations,
  • identification and commitment to gradual improvements of operations,
  • need and desire to generate results and achieve success.

What we offer:

  • work on international projects,
  • organised system of operations and the environment with clearly assigned duties and responsibilities,
  • planned preparation for the job and informing about its activities and tasks with the assistance of the appointed mentor,
  • stimulative reward system after the opening and development phase,
  • clearly defined description of operations and the necessary resources in order to perform the tasks,
  • stability and security,
  • employee welfare and career development.

Getting started:

  • immediately after the end of the competition and the selection of candidates.

Deadline for applications: 28.09.2016.

You can contact us by sending your CV to e-mail: ,

with the reference “OPERATIONS MANAGER”.